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2935 Horizon Park Drive
Suite D
Suwanee, GA 30024

Fax: 770-441-9902

The Solis Parker & Associates Team

The  two principals of SP&A
Emilio J. Solis, P.E.
, and 
Jeffrey S. Parker, P.E

are supported by a well-qualified team 
of engineering professionals.

Emilio J. Solis

Emilio J. Solis, president of Solis Parker & Associates, Inc., has worked on a wide range of tasks in the structural design and engineering field. A graduate of Georgia Tech, he has extensive experience in engineering investigations following structural collapses due to natural disasters and structural failure. Over 33 years as an engineer, Mr. Solis has worked on civil projects, earthwork, bridges, highway signage, drainage and industrial/commercial building design. He has supervised the work of over 100 engineers and technical personnel as a chief engineer.

Presently involved in the design of single and multi-story buildings and cause and origin failure evaluation of facilities and structures, Mr. Solis works on projects ranging from simple foundation evaluation to complex buildings design, cost programs and schedule tracking.  His experience also includes:

  • Forensic analysis and technical support for insurance loss evaluations
  • Seismic design analysis
  • Structural and foundation design in pulp and paper, chemical, minerals, steel and aluminum industries
  • Plastic plant design and layouts
  • Pre-engineered building design
  • Equipment towers and support engineering
  • Computer modeling of structural response to loads
  • Construction cost estimating and scheduling construction
  • Material specifications (steel, concrete, etc.)
  • Project management and project engineering
  • Deep foundation design (piles and caissons)
  • Code use and interpretation

Jeffrey S. Parker

A talented and client-focused architectural engineer with over 31 years experience, Jeffrey S. Parker, P.E., is vice- president of Solis Parker & Associates, Inc.  Mr. Parker is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic State University and oversees SP&A production and quality assurance, interpretation, planning design and management of projects. His professional focus has been the custom design and oversight of conventional and metal buildings for heavy  industry, commercial buildings and educational projects.

Mr. Parker has hands-on experience with on-site construction, client engineering representation and technical evaluation of facilities, schedule and cost evaluation of projects, as well as technical support and guidance of construction design and detailing.

His experience also includes:

  • Wind and snow evaluation and analysis.

  • Seismic design and analysis

  • Structural, industrial, commercial and educational projects

  • Plant design and layouts

  • Pre-engineered building design

  • Computer modeling of structural response to loads

  • Engineering cost estimating and scheduling engineering

  • Material specifications (steel, concrete, etc.)

  • Project management and project engineering

  • Code use and interpretation